artistic splash Stencil

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artistic splash Stencil

This cake stencil set will give any cake / cupcakes the perfect finishing touch!

This stencil are recommended to use with hot fondant, royal icing or melted chocolate. The stencils can also be used with the airbrush method and dusting with brushes.

Covering the side of your cakes require two important steps to require the perfect finish. Ensure the stencil is flush against the Sugar Paste, this can be achieves by using thin pins or Sellotape.

Using Royal Icing:

ensure the royal icing is the correct consistency. (soft peak) To get the best finish, place the stencil flat onto the sugar paste. use a generous amounf of royal icing and spread the royal icing with a scraper or palette knife evenly, any excess carefully remove using the  scraper or palette knife. gently remove the stencil to reveal your gorgeous lace.

Using Lustre Dusts:

To get the best finish, place the stencil flat onto the freshly rolled sugar paste. roll over the stencil with a rolling pin, smear vegetable fat (Trex) over the exposed pattern, then using a soft brush, dust with lustre dust.

Using Melted Chocolate:

Spread melted chocolate over the stencil onto a hard chocolate surface , but make sure the chocolate you are spreading is NOT TOO hot , otherwise it will melt your chocolate base.

Using an Airbrush:

Secure stencil in and spray - experiment using different colours on different sections of the stencil.



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