Fondant Crimpers

10pc Set Sugar craft fondant Crimper

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10pc Set Sugar craft fondant Crimper
10pc Set Sugar craft fondant Crimper

Crimpers are a easy way to decorate the edging of any cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Crimpers work best on soft pliable sugar paste. Crimpers are a great alternative to decorating with piped royal icing.

To use a crimper, you will first need to adjust the rubber band on the tool so that it is at the correct width.

Dip the crimper in icing sugar, place the open crimper half way through the edging of the Sugar paste and squeeze together.

 DO NOT INSERT THE TOOL ALL THE WAY TILL THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FONDANT because when you pinch your fondant, you will tear the fondant and your cake or cake board underneath the fondant will then become visible, spoiling your entire cake decoration.

Then continue all the way around. It's always a good idea to practice a few times get use to working with an even pressure.


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